These excerpts from The Book of the Cross Kirk, Peebles, 1560-1690 illustrate the interest his books held for Peebleans as they read about the concern of their forefathers to keep the burgh town safe from mauraders and how they dealt with the Great Plague of 1605. This book and The Book of the Croce Kirk, Peebles, 1690-1784 is available on the internet: [select 'texts' and enter name of book]

March 1569
May 1572


D. Brown Anderson's Reminiscences with occasional essays was printed by The Neidpath Press for private circulation in 1906. He writes: "In the course of the narrative I shall endeavour to show how the chief educative forces in my life have been, not school or college, but when, further on, I came under the influence of men of marked ability, who, by precept and example, counselled perseverance, even under great difficulties and discouragement, the motto of one of them being 'He that tholes overcomes.' That man was William Chambers". He recalls the Chambers family house in Biggiesknowe which overlooked the Eddleston Water (The 'Cuddy'), having over a hundred cotton looms on the bottom floor. This book can also be read on [select 'texts' and enter name of book]


Excerpt from Reminiscences with Occasional Essays about the family home in Biggiesknowe
of William and Robert Chambers.


The volumes to commemorate the Fallen in the Great War of 1914-18 demonstrate Dr Clement Gunn's loving concern for the gallant men and boys of Peeblesshire. In the preface to The Book of Remembrance for Tweeddale: Burgh and Parish of Peebles, Book II, he writes: 'One cannot think of them without emotion, nor recall their memory without grateful pride.' Full biographical notes with a photograph of each lad commemorated with lines of verse. It is a worthy tribute to my Father's generation. As a young Territorial Army soldier in May 1939 attending the Drill Hall In Peebles, I remember seeing for the first time Dr Gunn's beautiful and striking memorial which he had carved by hand in remembrance of the five Peeblesshire men killed in the South African War (1899-1902).


Allan Smyth also published a Peeblesshire Roll of Honour (1916) [13] with the names of men enrolled in His Majesty's Forces, August 1914-December 1915. My Father's name, Lance-Corporal Neil Brown, 8th Volunteer Battalion The Royal Scots, is listed and shows my family's home then at 8 Kingsmeadows Road.



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